Kingdom Tales From Terrestria


Like the Terrestria Chronicles, each Kingdom Tales from Terrestria book was written to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ as King and challenge the reader to love and serve Him. The stories are fast-paced and captivating, but each was written to deliver a powerful message and draw your heart to the King.

Unlike the Chronicles, which are sequential and should be read chronologically, the Tales are stand-alone books and can be read in almost any order. Books 2 and 3 belong together, and Books 4 and 5 should be read together.

It is our prayer that the Kingdom Tales from Terrestria will challenge your entire family to serve the King of kings.​

Published by Sword of the Lord Publishing

Great Christian Family Reading!


"This set of books is definitely on the top of our list of favorites! We have seven children and read these aloud to ages 5 and over, and the children have read them on their own. The messages in each book are wonderful, the writing is dynamic and the discussions that they generate are priceless. We highly suggest these books to friends that are searching for GREAT family reading. These are NOT just for boys - your girls will love these books as well. We have donated them to our church as well. We find them to be biblically solid and there is no worry about romance or inappropriate themes. Pastor Dunlop's writing style is awesome - full of adventure, suspense, and action. He has a great way of making you think about scripture truths. You won't be disappointed!"

An encouraging allegory


"The biblical parallels are easily seen. It's an enjoyable story that highlights the love and grace of God that is ours through Jesus."

The Terrestria Chronicles


Travel back to the days of noble knights and powerful warlords… daring quests and deadly dragons… the days of honor and valor and chivalry. Take your family on a medieval adventure that will stay with them for a lifetime! Grab your sword and take a life-changing journey to the land of Terrestria, the realm of the wise and powerful King Emmanuel.

The Terrestria Chronicles allegory series was written with a three-fold purpose: to honor Jesus Christ as King, to challenge young readers to love and serve Him, and to teach them to guard their hearts for Him. The focus of the series is always on the King.

Fast-paced action… powerful imagery… heart-pounding adventure… These life-changing books are captivating and once you start reading, you’ll find them hard to put down.


This adventure series has a particularly strong appeal to today’s young people: it’s a series with knights and castles, dragons and princesses… but these are books in which every page points to truths of the Christian walk. Biblical doctrines and character principles are taught in such a compelling, fascinating way that they will stay with the reader for a lifetime. Each book concludes with a glossary of medieval terms and a page of little-known details of castle life.

Written for ages ten and up, the Terrestria series is ideal for family devotions, classroom use, or individual enjoyment. So grab your sword and take your family on a quest to Terrestria! Your heart will be challenged to serve the King of kings.

Published by Sword of the Lord Publishing

What others are saying about the series


This series is a well crafted tale with substance and spiritual truth. This is not comic book fluff, but life changing reading. My family has been reading the series together, and they love it! This will be remembered in our generation the way Pilgrim's Progress was for previous generations.

WOW - What a read!


My 10 year old son absolutely LOVED this book! He could not put it down and finished it in just days. He is begging for the entire series! I am reading it to see what makes this so much better than the other books he has read and so far (I am on chapter 5) I am thrilled with the quality of this book. Ed Dunlop uses scripture in a fresh and fascinating way. Without quoting Bible verses he has taken them and woven them into the fabric of his book. He has taken the Biblical truths of God's message of Salvation and applied it to the life of his main character Josiah in an EXCITING, GRIPPING, CAN'T PUT THE BOOK DOWN way. I highly recommend this book to everyone regardless of age/gender!


The Jed Cartwright Series

This frontier adventure series for middle readers will captivate your young people. Ed Dunlop’s first fiction series, the Jed Cartwright books have been enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Fast-paced action and intriguing adventures keep the reader engaged while they learn valuable lessons about the Christian life. The series is comprised of eight titles, the first seven of which are currently in print, with the remaining one under contract. Published by Sword of the Lord.

- Amazing

"I just discovered Ed Dunlop's books and I am so impressed ... these are excellent, I would recommend these to any and everyone :)"

- Adventure in a book!