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On a surprise trip to visit Grampa in South Carolina, the Cartwright Family is ripped apart after Jed and Nathan venture down to the waterfront, where Jed is kidnapped by slave traders. As the ship begins a journey southward, Jed realizes that any search for him would be futile since Pa and others would have no idea where to look for him. Jed desperately cries out to God for help.

Thanks to a well-timed coup that resulted in passed-out crew members, Jed manages to escape his captors using the ship’s longboat. He reaches a secluded island where he discovers a primitive tribe as well as another castaway, a devout Christian named Patrick, who has been marooned on the island for sixteen years.

Patrick begins to teach Jed the written language that he developed for the natives so together they can share the Gospel with them. Unbeknownst to Jed, Patrick is training him to take over his position should anything happen to him. Torn between his desire to minister to the island natives and his yearning to see his family once again, he prays for guidance from the Lord.

Having no contact with the outside world, is it even possible for Jed to find his way home? Is it the Lord’s will that he stay on the faraway island to win others to Christ? Feeling lost and separated from his family for what may be forever, he comes to learn that God knew where he was the entire time.


Jed Cartwright & the Forgotten Island

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