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Other than the Bible, I can’t think of greater books to have your children reading than the Terrestria series. This series has set a new standard in our family.     –Misti


Even though these are geared for children, no one should miss out on this series of books! They are vivid, engaging, challenging to your spirit and how you live. These are similar to the Pilgrims progress but set in the Middle Ages. Stimulating and motivating!                      --Kelly


After reading the first chapters alone and then reading it to the kids, I must say that I was hooked. While time will determine its usefulness throughout successive generations and whether the label "classic" will be used alongside its title, I definitely recommend the Terrestria series to children and adults alike.         –Andre


This book, as well as the whole series, was very good! I love reading allegories, and these are very well-written and easy to understand. The whole family could enjoy them, although 10-year-olds and up would understand them better.      --Emily


My children have grown up on these books, first with me reading aloud, and then reading for themselves. They love them, and many a time does a referral to one of the books come up in conversation. I am so thankful for Bro. Dunlop's love for Christ and effort in writing. He (and through him, the LORD) has touched our lives for eternity.


This series is a well crafted tale with substance and spiritual truth. This is not comic book fluff, but life changing reading. My family has been reading the series together, and they love it! This will be remembered in our generation the way Pilgrim's Progress was for previous generations.


 My 10 year old son absolutely LOVED this book! He could not put it down and finished it in just days. He is begging for the entire series! I am reading it to see what makes this so much better than the other books he has read and so far (I am on chapter 5) I am thrilled with the quality of this book. Ed Dunlop uses scripture in a fresh and fascinating way. Without quoting Bible verses he has taken them and woven them into the fabric of his book. He has taken the Biblical truths of God's message of Salvation and applied it to the life of his main character Josiah in an EXCITING, GRIPPING, CAN'T PUT THE BOOK DOWN way. I highly recommend this book to everyone regardless of age/gender!


If you are looking for a Biblically based fiction series for young readers then look no further. Ed Dunlop has hit a home run with the Terrestria Chronicles series. These books are well written, teach Biblically sound principles of living the Christian life, and offer young readers a great deal of adventure along the way. God has truly gifted this man to communicate, as no other has yet been able, the simple truths of the Christian life in a juvenile fiction series.


 The books are written simply enough that young readers can make the connection between the allegory and the real life principle, yet are thought provoking and provide sound theology. We use these books as family read-a-louds so that we are able to learn and discuss these Biblical principles together. With each book we read from this series my kids beg for "one more chapter" because the stories are so captivating. 


My 10 yr old son tore this book up! He read it in about three nights of evening reading time. He is requesting I order the rest of the series quickly!! :) He remarked that this book was like a combination of Pilgrims Progress and the Bible. 


My husband decided to read "The Sword, the Ring and the Parchment". He was so impressed and went on to read all 7 books, and recommended that I do too. I don't have tons of time to read, being a homeschool mom of 6 children, but I read every one of the books in the Terrestria Chronicles and was so blown away at not only how wonderfully written they were, but how incredibly they were able to explain our spiritual walk with God and encourage me in my own personal relationship with Him. 


These books, in my opinion, are much better than even Pilgrim's Progress! The Quest for Seven Castles is my FAVORITE in the series!!! It is so full of adventure and there is so much to learn about our walk with the Lord, I could read it again, and again and again...


When the book set arrived we dived right in to the first book ( The Sword, The Ring & The Parchment). The children were following on every word, they would often say “ just one more page” when it was time to stop reading. “Come on mom just one more page.” I haven't run into that in a while from the books we have read in the past. They wanted so much to find out what happens next with Josiah, King Emmanuel and the Evil Argamor.

My children really enjoyed the Castle Facts that were included in the back of the book. And I enjoyed "Becoming a child of the king" on page 189 it's as simple as A-B-C.

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