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    Excellence in Christian Literature

    The Terrestria Chronicles medieval series was written to challenge young readers to love and serve the King of kings. Biblical doctrines and character principles are taught in such a compelling, fascinating way that they will stay with the reader for a lifetime. Fast-paced and captivating, these seven tales are ideal for family devotions, classroom use, or individual enjoyment.

    Like the popular Terrestria Chronicles series, the Kingdom Tales series will challenge your entire family to serve the King. These seven medieval tales will captivate the reader, and each was written to deliver a life-changing message. A must-read for today’s young people!

    Click play to hear a portion of the 1st chapter!

    Writing has been a vital part of Ed Dunlop’s ministry to children and to teachers of children. He has written seven how-to books for teachers and numerous adventure books for middle readers, and, at present, has 41 published titles with five publishers. 

    The two medieval allegory series (Terrestria Chronicles and Kingdom Tales from Terrestria from Sword of the Lord Publishers) have been his most popular works, and have been enthusiastically received by the home school community. 

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